Video Portfolio

Please note that due to the file size limits of this site that videos have been compressed, and are not in full HD.

Best Years of My Life Music Video

Music and Lyrics by singer/songwriter Tom Moran

The Entertainers Process

The process of artist Edward Miracle creating his beautiful sculpture

2018 Asolo Repertory Theatre Galla

Getting ready for the Galla at the Art Ovation Hotel in Downtown Sarasota

Casia Justine Workout

I shot this video for Casia Justine, a professional personal trainer who specializes in kettle bells

The Salon Professional Academy

We just shot this virtual tour for TSPA.  Watch interviews with the staff and students, and get a visual taste of the learning environment with this video

Robert Wilk Interview

Local artist Robert Wilk and his vibrant sculpture work.

Haunting Portraits “Daffodils” Music Video

Haunting Portraits debut music video

Sarasota Sunny South RV Park Web Promo Part I, The Virtual Tour

This is the virtual tour shot for the RV park, highlighting the rec room, the lots for the RV’s, the restrooms, vacation rentals, and more.

GoPURE USA Product Demonstration

This was just a simple post production edit, all of the video was sent and edit according to the clients’ wishes

Sarasota Sunny South RV Vacation Home Rental Part II

This is the second web promo shot for an RV park in Florida, highlighting some newly painted fences, and the annual holiday dinner.

GoPURE USA Crowdfunding Campain

Another post production edit, some video was shot already, and I looked into royalty free news footage and the like to add B-Roll

Canon c100 Video Test

Shots with the new Canon c100.

The Secret (Improvised Short)

Justin shot this one of Jesse and Lauren Clarke.  It’s a completely improvised comedic short.

Passing Time

Jesse shot this video of himself and edited it.  Music by